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Industry Focus

Focused Sectors

Uniefy is dedicated to provide promising services for the following sectors, growth of which empowers Client and Society on larger scale.

• Urban Habitats comprising – Bungalows, Residential Complexes, Townships.

• Business Space comprising – Commercial Complexes, Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.

• Institutional Establishments comprising – Hospitals, Clubs, Universities, etc.

• Industrial Setup comprising – Factories, Warehouses, etc.

• Various Civil Infrastructure Projects.

Uniefy’s Role

Demand for different roles of Consultants arises depending upon the clientele, which emphasizes variety in nature of responsibilities. We are confident to play a key role in following positions depending upon the purpose of client and nature of the project.

For Owner (Individual, Business Organisation, Institution, and Authorities):

• Owner’s Engineers

• Detailed Engineering Consultants

• Project Management Consultants

For Investor:

• Investor’s Engineers

• Project Management Consultants

For EPC Contractor:

• Detailed Engineering Consultants

• Project Management Consultants

For Project Management Consultant:

• Sub consultantsto main Consultants

For Designer:

• Designer’s Engineersand coordinators