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Project Supportive Services

The Organizations dealing in Construction Industry are having vital requirement of Project Supportive services which lead to successful delivery of goals. Uniefy is offering wide range of Project Supportive Consultancy services, broadly aimed at handling two Construction phases

1. Development

2. Construction

Each phase of project requires different insights to address the nature of work in absolute manner, and we are there to provide the unblemished services as further described below, aligned with each phase.

1. Development Phase

Project development phase calls for high level of efforts in shaping the project backed by astute use of data and standards. It is understood that, a well designed and envisaged work always smoothens the succeeding activities and increases the rate of successful completion. With the aim of achieving this goal, we provide various services under the branches like – Survey & Planning, Designing and Procurement Assistance.

A. Survey & Planning

Site Assessment and Feasibility Survey

• Techno-Commercial Feasibility

• Detailed Project Report

Macro level planning for Project Implementation

• Devising project Stages and Timeline at Macro level

• Technology Evaluation

• Procurement Planning

Cost Estimation

• Budgetary analysis for Quantity and Cost

Assistance for permissions & approvals from Authorities

B. Conceptualise & Designing

Concept Development

Architectural Design

• Architectural Drawings

• Landscape and Pavement Design

• CAD and Drawing conversion services (for Outsourcers)

Structural Design

• Structural Designs and Detailing

Interior Design

• Interior & Furniture – Design conceptualizing and Detailing

• Art work

C. Procurement Assistance and Contract Management

Quantity Analysis & Cost Estimation

• Detailed analysis for Quantity and Cost (Quantity Takeoff by specialised Software or by Manual calculations)

Tender Preparation

• Preparing Specifications

• Preparing Terms & Conditions

Coordinate Tendering Process

• Short listing / Pre-qualification of agencies

• Invitation for Bids

• Processing and Scrutinising of Technical & Commercial Bids

• Appointment of Agency

2. Construction Phase

Always being considered as most challenging and crucial phase, demands for meticulous application of all-round detailed planning, coordination, monitoring and follow-on actions to steer the project towards timely completion with desired quality and stipulated cost. Understanding and visualization of all ground activities as well as expertise in sophisticated softwares formulates very effective synchronization, which finally leads to achievement of results in most successful manner. We provide large spectrum of professional services under the branches – Project Management and Construction Management.

A. Project Management

Planning and Monitoring

• Micro level Scheduling

• Bar chart, CPM & PERT chart, S-Curve

• Resource planning and monitoring

• Deviation analysis and Corrective action plan

• Use of Primavera& MS Project Software

Contract Management

• Ensure compliance of terms & conditions by visibility and awareness

• Documenting and agreeing any changes arise in contract execution

Coordination and Expedition

• Coordination amongst Client, Designer, Contractor, Supplier

• Reviewing project drawings

Cost Management

• Budgeting

• Cash Flow analysis

• Cost-to-complete Projections

• Cost control

Information Management

• Data Capturing and Processing

• Periodic Reporting – DPR, WPR, MPR, Schedule Tracking

• Conducting Review Meetings and Performance Reporting

• Administrative Closure

Change Management

• Requirement Identification of conceptual or technical change

• Coordinating and Incorporating the changes

B. Construction Management


• Inspection Plan

• Technical supervision

Quality Control & Assurance

• Quality Assurance Plan

• Quality checking & certification

Safety Enforcement

• Safety Plan

• Safety awareness and fulfilment

Site Activity Coordination

• Prioritise and Target setting of activities

• Working out optimum resource allocation

• Trouble shooting

Work Certification

• Onsite validation of Measurements

• Bill Checking and Certification

Material Management

• Procurement Advisory

• Material Reconciliation

• Inventory Management

As-built documentation

• Recording and Certifying prevailing condition