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Training for Primavera Project Management Software

Thorough understanding of Project Planning can certainly reduce the potential of Time-Overrun and Cost-Overrun. This is basically achieved by turning high volume of Uncertainty into the calculated Certainty by doing detailed Planning and subsequent Monitoring while executing the plan. Understanding of Project Management concepts comes to definite help for carrying out all these efficiently.

Pivoting at this ideology, several robust software have been developed for various Project driven industries among which Primavera stays at top. The comprehensive reach of this software makes it somewhat complex which demands for detailed-User specific training with explanation of in-field scenarios. The sole objective of making user fluently working with software on foundation of Project Management concepts, generates the demand of holistic training program.

Such training mainly aims to integrate three facades:

1. Project and Organization Management Ideology

2. Core Part

3. Software Peripherial/Tools to enhance working experience

Among which the Core Part includes creation and managing of:

– Organization

– Calendars

– Preferences

– Projects

– Work Breakdown Structure

– Activities and Relationships

– Roles and Resources

– Assignments

– Project Scheduling

– Resource Leveling

– Baseline

– Progress Update and Tracking

The systematic practice with clear insights in the software functions can help the learner to work efficiently on the project.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Dhruv Patel says:

    Want to learn Primavera ?
    I strongly suggest to learn with Keyur Sir.

    I had my last session of Primavera today with him.

    And here are the facts I came up with;

    -If you seriously want to learn Primavera, Conceptually, no one can make you understand better than keyur sir.
    -He taught us in very gradual flow of difficulty & great understanding,
    -He understands the doubts of students, and make them understand by very good example.
    -As he has experience of being a project manager, He can explain each and every thing in Primavera with broad vision & with lots of Practical examples which project managers are facing on site.
    -Flexible with tuition timings.
    – He has got very keen knowledge in this field.

  2. Bhushan Patel says:

    Keyur sir is the best coach in Primavera.
    It was an Excellent experience.

  3. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  4. Hello.This article was really motivating, particularly because I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Friday.